Wet mix

AR 8 Spraying machine

Spraying machine for dry premixed materials

This is a solid and well known equipment to process coatings up to 5 mm, with excellent comfort conditions and constant mixing quality.

The AR 8 spraying machine is particularly suitable for the application of plaster and mortar, performing a fully automated production since it mixes water with prepared dry mortar, based on plaster, lime and cement.

It can be used with bagged mortar, with silo couplings or with pneumatic feed.


  • It is composed of a chassis with swivel wheels, with which it is possible to move over any terrain.
  • Its square shape allows access through all doors.
  • Easy disassembly of the mixing tube (easy change of the helicoidal pumps), mortar tank and compressor.
  • Quick and easy cleaning.

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