Specialised in the manufacture of equipment for dry-mix and wet-mix concrete pumping and spraying.

Are you searching for a reliable machine?

You found it.

Arnabat construction is synonymous with equipment for concrete pumping and spraying.

Stators and rotors

Wide range of stators and rotors, with permanent stock.

Camisas y rotores

Disponemos de una extensa variedad de camisas y rotores, stock permanente.

Spare parts

We manufacture spare parts of our equipment and we distribute spare parts of other manufacturers.

Machinery hire

Are you looking to rent dry-mix and wet-mix concrete pumping and spraying equipment? You found it and with the guarantee of the revision made by our technicians of Arnabat Group.


¿Buscas alquilar maquinas para la proyección y bombeo de hormigón en vía seca y vía húmeda?. Ya las has encontrado y además con la garantía de la revisión realizada por los técnicos de Grupo Arnabat.

Used machinery

Are you looking for used dry-mix and wet-mix concrete pumping and spraying equipment at exceptional prices? You have already found them and in addition with the guarantee of the revision carried out by the technicians of Arnabat Group.

Arnabat Construcción offers

New machinery

The obligatory reference in concrete machinery is Arnabat Construction. Do you know our machines?

Second-hand equipment

Every machine can have a second life if it is cared and used properly.

Spare parts

We always supply spare parts for our machines and even those you need of other brands.


Are you looking for an accessory for your machine? You’ll find it here.

Machinery hire

We adapt to your project, work and specifications; “together we build better on site”.


Building machines and collaborating in the construction of all kinds of buildings and infrastructures is very satisfying. More than thirty years of continuous evolution allow us to dream about the works of tomorrow.

Arnabat Construcción, “together we build better on site”

Every story has a beginning; when Jordi Arnabat founded Arnabat S.A. in 1986, he started a path towards innovation in a world so complex and professionalized as the construction of machinery for the construction sector.

The future is not written, but our passion for innovation, the desire to continue learning and to have a growing presence in the world of construction continues to be our inspiration and our goal.

Do you need specialized machinery?